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Loto-Quebec Firework competition
Loto-Quebec Firework competition

Spectacular fireworks are back
in the sky of the Montmorency Falls!

Planning a trip to Quebec city with family or simply planning to live fully the summer season in town? The Loto-Quebec Firework competition is one the most astonishing event in the world when considering the natural setting in which they are presented!

The beauty of the Falls
Whether you look at the Montmorency Falls from the very bottom, from the St-Lawrence River, from the Orlean Island just across or from virtually any of the numerous viewpoint across the town where you can look a the Falls, this natural scene is already majestic.

This Falls was already considered a very special spot for the early defensse of the town as you could see far in the river from that elevated view point, not even to mention the unquestionable advantage of the cliff's height : 83 meters! In comparison, the niagara falls are 50 meters high at most!

Information on the show

To have more information about this show...

Ask the front desk and they be glad to show you how to get tickets and the best ways to get there.

For reservation:
+418-653-9321 or 1-800-463-1867

The Competition
Add to the set-up an international competition of fireworks, in which participant are encouraged to make full use of the site (the Falls, the bridge, the cliffs and of course - the skies!), you have a perfect event for the eyes and all the family!

This year participating countries are:
  • Canada - july 24th
  • Espagne - july 28th
  • France - july 31th
  • Mexique - august 4th
  • États-Unis - august 7th
  • Loto-Quebec's Grande Finale - august 11th

How to get there?

The best way to get to the presentation is using the shuttle service offered by the Transport Network of the Capital (RTC). As Montmorency Falls is outside the city, the journey takes a little while.

If you want to take your car, paying parking lots are available on site, but due to the significant traffic, we suggest you go there hours in advance.

As the whole site can accommodate nearly 27,000 people, including 6,000 seats in the privileged area equipped with seats, an event of this magnitude generates a lot of traffic around the falls.

It is also possible to take a cruise to admire the spectacle from the St-Lawrence River. This option is very recommended!

Running time, fares and more

The show lasts approximately 30 minutes of pure pyrotechnics entertainment.

Rates are between $ 14 and $ 30 depending on the chosen section on the site.

For more information, visit the competition official website.

Holiday Inn Express Québec - 3145, Avenue des Hôtels, Sainte-Foy (Québec) G1W 3Z7 - 418.653.9321 - 1.800.463.1867